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HealingLeap is here to assist you to make that leap to health and well being.


It is about you making a big stride towards health and wholeness. It may be a leap of faith, or a quantum leap, in essence a change for the better.


Be the change, be the new you - you know you can be !

Your natural state is one of wholeness, health and happiness, Healingleap is here to guide you back to that natural state, which you have known before.


Healingleap is here to give an energy charge to initiate the healing process. With this boost new options are available for healing.

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Treatment Options

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Perhaps there is someone special who you feel needs treatments.

What makes Healingleap unique


  • Natural Intuitive Healing augmented by mentorship from significant healers, as well as formal training in a number of healing modalities.

  • Utilising established and integral healing modalities ensuring clients receive fast and effective treatments.

  • A fully client-centred approach  where treatment options focus on the whole person, and can be selected to suit different client needs and lifestyles.

  • Powerful Healing Music Programs for remote users anywhere on the globe


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take a leap - make   the change !

Bowen Therapy an amazing modality

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take a leap - make   the change !

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